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6 (Overused) Reasons for Being Late

Which one have you used so far? :)

More cartoons about lateness? Click here.


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That girl there in the picture Bet you didnt notice it at first. If you did then congrats. We originally took this picture New Years eve right before enjoying an arousing viewing of the hit movie Jenefer’s Body. Cheese and fries all we wanted was to watch the movie and then hang out with Eddy the Iguana. We all decided it would be innocent enough to sit there and pose for a picture on the floor with him. This incredible reptilian beauty. He is a Green Iguana. Full-grown green iguanas are usually between four and six feet, although they have been known to grow up to seven feet long. This includes the tail, however, which can make up about half the body length and, in addition to its green color, has black stripes. Green iguanas, not surprisingly, are green in color, but can be found in many different shade ranging from bright green, to a dull, grayish-green. Their skin is rough, with a set of pointy scales along the iguana’s back. Green iguanas have long fingers and claws to help them climb and grasp. Anyway, After developing the picture we noticed the girl in the picture she looked awfully familiar but none of us could pinpoint who she was. There were only originally four of us in the picture. Then we decided to research it. The girl in the picture died in the house three years before. She fell down. The picture is now therefore haunted. Her image has tainted it. Reblog if you dont want the CURSE. 

*~ paranormal activity*~*~

Oh my god amcmsnnxmxns I’m crying


omg, wow.. seriously? .-. 

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San Diego, CA

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OMG INTENSE =))))))))))))))

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I just watched this movie: The Parent Trap

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I just watched this movie: The Parent Trap

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